Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We are compelled to see the Good News of Jesus reach every nation, tribe, and person in the world! We acknowledge that every follower of Jesus is called to be on mission! We have partnered with several missionaries locally and all over the world that are committed to being Good News People in a Bad News World. Our great hope is to be a church family that not only supports mission locally and globally, but are regularly investing in vital partnerships through prayer and service opportunities!
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Our Missions Partners

Locally & Globally

Angel Aquirre
Serves with ACEE Prison Ministry in Ecuador.
Jim & Silvia Campana
Serves with Central Missionary Clearing House Church Partners in Juarez, Mexico.
Harry & Janine Flaherty
Serves with Fellowship of Christian Athletes as NJ State Director
Ryan & Mandy Kennedy
Serves with EAM in Tribal Evangelism in Papua, Indonesia.
Walter & Diane Kennedy
Serves with EAM in Tribal Evangelism in Papua, Indonesia.
Chris & Megumi Risden
Serves with the Evangelical Alliance Mission in Japan.
Christophe & Katherine Savage
Serves with Olive Branch Outreach in Lille, France
Dwight & Miriam Singer
Serves with SIM and Africa-based ACTEA strengthening the church in Africa through theological education.
Solutions Health & Pregnancy Center
Serving unexpected families of Monmouth County, NJ.
U-Turn For Christ
An addiction/discipleship ministry of Monmouth County, NJ.
Leroy & Debbie Zumack
Serving with Greater Europe Mission in prison ministry in France.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom where you are!

We are called to be Good News people in a bad news world! As we discover, believe, and trust the gospel we are compelled to be on mission! Loving others around you with the extraordinary love that Jesus has shown us transforms lives, families, and neighborhoods. NMBC is committed to share the gospel of Christ in word and deed. To learn more about what this looks like as a daily commitment, please contact our leadership team!